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Evaporator Coil Installation in Syracuse, NY

An Evaporator Coil - What It Does

The name "evaporator coil" might be great for an engineer, but it isn't the best name for a homeowner to understand the purpose of the equipment! In a typical split system design where an air conditioner or heat pump is located outside the home, and a furnace is located inside, an evaporator coil is attached to the furnace and is mandatory for air conditioning to work.

During a hot Syracuse and Central New York Summer, your thermostat will turn on the air conditioner outside once the temperature inside becomes too warm. The air conditioner compresses refrigerant which chills it by dissipating heat energy into the outside air. The chilled refrigerant is sent inside via copper tubing to the indoor coil. The indoor coil in this scenario is contained inside the evaporator coil.

The fan motor in the furnace turns on and pulls air from the home. The warm air is then forced through the evaporator coil which cools the air and dehumidifies it. Dehumidification happens as moisture condensates on the cold copper tubing.

Air Conditioning Efficiency

As you can imagine, an evaporator coil plays a part in cooling efficiency. Keeping your indoor coil clean will help keep energy bills down where they should be. An enemy of a coil operating efficiently is mold. The interior of an evaporator coil is dark and damp, and a breeding ground for mold. A UV Lamp installed inside the coil will kill this mold, keeping your coil clean and mold spores out of your indoor air.

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